Subject: EREBOR MOUNTAIN UAP RESEARCH Author: Belog Date: 2023 IQN: EM182U78S

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Hello UAP Enthusiasts I have tried to only put the stuff up here thats current and external site links where the sites actually updated in the last few months. → I have little time for sites like ATS as it was good years ago when it started, but now has turned into a MAGA/QANON stewpot full of knuckleheads. → I don't take you as a space authority just because you own the URL "". → REP. Tim Burchett and REP. Luna. → If you have some good links and info on the present disclosure, please share. The news link is to the right for any other UAP stories. → Sifted from Reddit mainly (one of the only sources that frequently updated) and by sifted I mean leaving out the wild theories and Inane crap → THE LAST THING UAP needs is nutball theories and unfounded shit like mummified alien bodies Intro
PONDER → The UAP disclosure is in the middle of a war, between the Public, Congress People that want the US government to confess and private contractors that want to keep their greedy little secrets. Industrial Autocrats: The ones that take the downed Alien ships from the CIA particularly (Office of Global Access)? and money from the US tax payer and proceed to try reverse engineer secrets from these downed space craft for their own profit and benefit. What did Pres. Eisenhower say on leaving office? The "Military Industrial Complex" ?