EREBOR MOUNTAIN UAP RESEARCH Author: Belog Date: 2024 (Disclosure) IQN: EM182U78S
👽 → UAP DISCLOSURE: July 26   Congression Hearing   → DISCLOSURE   → PLEASE NOTE: This great INTRO, CAME FROM someone at Reddit. Anyway I have always been interested in space and UFO things, as I thought years ago "If the Universe is that large we can't be the only ones in it", even from a religious perspective. What was one of the original series? "UFO" by Gerry Anderson (Colonel Straker in the white polar neck jerseys with the secret base etc, the early syfy stuff like Battlestar Galactica and starwars later. Anyway 2023 saw a huge resurgence in disclosure of what particularly the US government know and what they have hidden.. Like Rep Tim Burchett has stated " what have they spent all the money on for years - money thay can't account for now?" Now the US GOVERNMENT has been into the whole UFO thing as far as we can see, for years - possibly since the 1930s on the advent of world war 2. I believe the first " noted crash" was in Italy in 1933 approximately during Mussolini's time, a crashed ship the US may have eventually ended up with. The US GOV in step with its military contractors have been collecting crashed UFOS since the 40's (ROSWELL is the one you've heard of, there are far more you may not have.) Now the inclusion of Military contractors was for a reason, - they have money, facilities and give the resident government reason for "Plausible Deniability" as don't forget Gov Officials change, and anyway the amount that know about the whole UFO program is Tiny at Most probably next to none. Who's the Government inside the Government? (Who knows), How much DOES the president know? Did Eisenhower When he was President meet with some aliens in the 50's? ANYWAY there is a wealth of great info online now, many reports, eye witness reports, pilot reports, video's and such like. A good podcast By George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell is weaponised, any videos on YOUTUBE by early Scientists like Stanton Friedman are definitely worth watching. Historically Speaking: Media:   The Debrief ( ) & NEWSNATION ( ). Interested in more? CLICK DISCLOSURE above for links, news, videos, files, books and lots more... (or use the select box) ~ Belog UAPS and EMAIL