Subject: UAP'S @ US Author: Belog Date: 2023 IQN: EMPER2U78S

JULY 31 Now if you are interested in UFO documents - Particularly CIA, Military, UFO newsletters, NARA (Project Bluebook) There are too many to upload here, but we do have them on a SYNCTHING connected drive from NAS storage. There are Pfizer Docuemnts , 911 and all sorts as well. I will make a list up so that you can look, and if you do want some you will be able to connect YOUR SYNCTHING to ours and download to your hearts content. Provided you have unlimitted capacity on your connection . EMAIL: ironfoot@[domain] - 2 basic formats - PDF and JPG images (of Documents)
NOTE: 1 Thing I don't want is the site getting cluttered with too much in the way of "The Minute by Minute of UAP DOCUMENTS", the file link above has the more important documents. Speaking of Which AATIP/AAWSAP: (Some) - There were supposed to be over 1500 released, but hardly in that particular folder. BLACKVAULT → Addendum: + Archive for the Unexplained: ALSO Issac Koi did a lot of work on collating a lot of UFO material: SYNCTHING WHY SYNCTHING? Well using dropbox, Google Drive etc etc gets expensive eventually, so if I have a NAS BOX, Unlimitted DATA cap and syncnthing - that can find its way back and forwards through CGNAT, then I think its an appropriate solution. (AUG 23) → Folders and Details to Come: