Subject: Questions Author: Belog Date: DEC23 IQN: DIS2324

Questions, Musings and pondering's 02.12.2023     → Is the CIA'S "Office of Global Access" even a real thing or is it another smoke screen? This is the problem they have spent so many years telling lies and subverting the truth, im sure most of them don't know what the truth is.. 11.12.2023     →  Philip J. Corso (Lt Colonel, US Army) Luis Elizondo (US Army Counterintelligence Special Agent) Haim Eshed (director of space programmes for Israel’s Ministry of Defence) Timothy Gallaudet (Rear Admiral, US Navy and former director of NOAA) David Grusch (former US intelligence officer) Walter Haut (USAF 1st Lt, Roswell) Michael Herrera (US Marine) Paul Hellyer (Canadian Minister of Defence) Peter Hill-Norton (UK naval admiral) Colm Kelleher (AAWSAP manager) Donald Keyhoe (US Marine corps major) James Lacatski (Defence Intelligence Agency program manager) James McDonald (US atmospheric physicist) Karl Nell (US Army) Garry Nolan (independent researcher and Pentagon contractor) Bob Oechsler (NASA mission specialist) Harry Reid (US senator) 03.01.2024     → Leonard H. Stringfield: 03.01.2024     → W. Glenn Dennis Interview, 11/19/1990:ROSWELL:Caskets - 07.01.2024     → → Lockheed Doesn't Deny Having UAPs → Now i know podcasts can be ... Boring - is George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell, who are kinda interesting (I think) most of the time. → The Congressional Hearing on UAP'S AND UFOS happened in no small part because of the efforts of Representative Tim Burchett from (Tennesee I think), anyway he is an impressive gentleman from watching him speak. → BEWARE DISINFORMATION PEDDLERS - SUCH AS MH370 BEING ABDUCTED ETC 10.01.2024     → 13.01.2024     → 21.01.2024     → ELEMENT 115 and Bob Lazar 31.01.2024     → JOHN LEAR COVERUP: 03.02.2024   REDDIT   → BLUEBOOK: 03.02.2024     → Erebor Mountain UAP23