September 15   NASA   → NASA Doing what NASA does - Dodging questions and Ridiculing, Gutless wonders
NASA   → [September 15]
NASA   → Reminder: Gary McKinnon caught NASA editing UAP out of their images two decades ago. They are part of the cover-up.  [September 15]
NASA   → [September 21] October 16   NASA   → EMP, UFOs, Higher Dimensions in a 1979 NASA Paper : 13.01.2024   NASA   → WILSON DAVIS MEMO: The Wilson Davis Memo is a controversial summary between Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson and Eric Davis. In the meeting, Wilson tells Davis about uncovering a deeply embedded UAP reverse engineering program within SAPOC and gate kept by 3 program managers. While given a brief overview of the program, Wilson was not read in and was threatened with career damage if he kept pursuing the subject. The meeting notes were found within the estate of the late astronaut Edgar Mitchell