1. David Grusch - American Alchemy interview .. Operation Blue Book - Mouth Piece for the air force regarding UFOS. .. A Type of blue book run out of the MANHATTAN PROJECT in the 40's .. Established levels of SECRECY from Manhattan Project.. .. UFO secrecy covered via Radiological Act (atomic energy commission) .T Townsend Brown (1940'2, 50's 60,s) Anti GRAVITY RESEARCH - worked - US air force - Martin Corporation (Lockheed Martin) Paperclip 54:32 Well, maybe Operation Paperclip had a little more to do with UFOs than meets the eye. 54:37 Yeah, Paperclip’s pretty nuts when you think about it. Like, ethically and morally, you had people that were war criminals, 54:43 people who were gonna be tried at Nuremberg. Yes. They they took off that and then they snatched them 54:49 and brought them back to the U.S. And a lot of them became seniors at what became the CIA. 54:54 And, you know, NASA. And and it's like, yeah, I don't know if it would have happened nowadays. 54:59 I feel like we would actually not be able to turn a blind eye to like, oh, there's no chance. Yeah, Wernher Von Braun oversaw it is an atomic bomb. It is a harnessing of the basic power of the universe. 41:51 After the invention of these apocalyptic weapons was true fundamental physics then concealed and deep 41:57black aerospace? While public facing physics, was sent into a cul de sac so it could do less damage? 42:05Were there actually updates in physics, maybe mid-century, that were not disclosed to the public? ANTI GRAVITY This was a period in the fifties where the study of antigravity- Yeah, you heard me right, antigravity. 42:32 Experienced a dramatic resurgence of interest, not just among quacks, among real physicists. 42:38 Since then, there has been a steady but constant improvement. Roger Babson, a patron of science, was obsessed 42:46 with finding the solution to antigravity. His Gravity Research Foundation held a popular essay contest 42:51 which garnered contributions from many of the top minds at the time. Meanwhile, another industrialist, 42:57 Agnew Bahnson, started the Institute of Field Physics in North Carolina, also dedicated to study of antigravity. 43:04 His Chapel Hill conference in 1957 included top physicists like Bryce DeWitt, 43:10 Richard Feynman, Peter Bergman, Freeman Dyson and John Wheeler all there to discuss 43:15 the role of gravity in physics. As physicist Louis Witten would go on to say about antigravity in the fifties, 43:22 it was in the wind, meaning it was everywhere. He said, What are you doing about anti-gravity? 43:27 And I said, Well, I'm not against gravity. 43:34 Witten actually worked in Martin Corporation's Antigravity Research unit. That's right. 43:39 They had an antigravity research outfit. It was called Research Institute for Advanced Studies, 43:45 or RIAS for short. And Martin Corporation, of course, would later become Lockheed Martin. 43:50 Louis Witten's direct boss at RIAS was a guy named George Trimble 43:56 in a 1956 article found in Jane's Defense Weekly. George Trimble said, We're already 44:01 working on nuclear fuels and equipment to cancel out gravity, and added that the conquest of gravity 44:07 could be done in about the amount of time it took to build the first atom bomb. By the time 44:12 the sixties had rolled around, most people had kind of forgotten about antigravity. It quieted down 44:17because nobody ever got anywhere, or it quieted down because it did get somewhere and it went black. Building over a Massive UFO What we've been told: It's big -- so big that it can't be moved -- so big, they built a building over it. It's in a country outside the USA Multiple sources have relayed this info The place where it is kept is used for another purpose. It is a laudatory purpose The purpose is in as much interest for the UK, Australia, and the USA It would be a "nightmare" if stormed "Area 51 style" It could create an international incident. Random Notes > NASA had a page listing the buildings Lockheed Martin leased off them - surprise surprise it was taken down late novenber 23 -- > Type into a search engine "The Office of Global Access" - CIA OFFICE for controlling secrecy, de-listed from CIA'S site I believe. > Travis Taylor and Jay Stratton are being paid to suppress UFO information by 3rd parties and the US government

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