REALIZING THE INPLICATIONS OF WHAT SOMEONES SAYING "Non human intelligence exists. Non human intelligence has been interacting with humanity. This interaction is not new and has been ongoing." - Karl Nell, retired Army Colonel (salt conference) also reality check (Ross Coulthart) (May24) Avi Loeb asked a former Lockheed Martin official about Grusch's allegations of Lockheed being in possession of 'material' related to Grusch's UAP programs - "I would not say that it is wrong" (June 24) According to findings in a recent study, UFO witnesses may not be prone to misperceptions or related cognitive factors but instead may possess specific personality traits that increase their likelihood of encountering such phenomena. (June 15) OVERLORDS OF THE UFO (DOCUMENTARY 1976) Very nostalgic, complete with silly music and mono dialogue :) Black Budget Tech and UFOs with Aerospace Expert Michael Schratt - "The U.S. military and intelligence agencies have billions of dollars’ worth of secret projects they don’t want you to know about. These billions have funded a secret world of advanced science, technology, weapons, and various covert activities, which have always been shielded from congressional oversight and public scrutiny. Back in the 90s, Members of the House Armed Services Committee once said that 70 percent of the black budget could be declassified at no risk to national security." "NITINOL" Or more commonly known (and used) as "MEMORY METAL". Supposedly came from a military research lab in 1959, but was traced back to the BATTELLE MEMORIAL INSTITUTE Much earlier than that. What was BATTELLE known for? It was one of the earliest military contractors to received crashed ALIEN space craft for study including possibly ROSWELL. ACCIDENTAL TRUTH - UFO Revelations:
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