Subject: GREEN:10 Author: Belog Date: 2023 IQN: FO4474112Z

πŸ‘½ → Hello Strange Things Enthusiasts - F**Kin' Mouthful, however this is for those subjects I don't want to mix up with UAP without sounding like a QANON looney .. Things such as MH370 and Skinwalker Ranch etc... Mystery and Paranormal? 👽 → August 12   → πŸ˜ˆ SEE: From the UAP subject things have taken a dive into MH370 being hijacked by a UFO... thats the sort of thing I try to avoid, stretching the Story one step to far ... August 12   → MH370: August 12   → πŸ˜ƒ As said elsewhere: Not really a big believer in the whole skinwalker ranch thing, it was only since the shermans owned it, was there any reports of paranormal activity there. The couple that owned it before that for 60 years never said anything . As far as I've read anyway. August 13   → πŸ˜’ BIGFOOT as well, after all this time there is no proof at all (apart from plaster casts of large feet), maybe I would give it the benefit of the doubt since I'm interested in UAP'S? August 13   → August 18   → BIGFOOT:LIVE SCIENCE: 😱 August 29   → THE MULTIPOLAR WORLD ORDER πŸ˜’ August 29   → Multipolar: a global system in which power is distributed among multiple states or blocs of states, rather than being concentrated in one (unipolar) or two (bipolar) dominant powers. September 03   → Liked live action - "ONE PIECE" - FUNNY 😍 September 04   → September 17   → SKINWALKER RANCH: September 27   → Randall Carlson is a geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar. Randall investigates and documents the catastrophic history of the world and the evidence for advanced knowledge in earlier cultures. Warning: its ABOUT Plasma so does get high tech October 07   → New Evidence For Ancient COMPUTERS in Egypt | Ben Van Kerkwyk: October 07   SCAN   → October 08   ANCT   → Sacred Geometry / Golden Ratio October 09   MOC   → Monsters of California (TOM DELONGE): October 11   DJONES   → Randall Carlson & Ben Van Kerkwyk Explore Ancient Earth’s Most Violent Catastrophes: October 26   SWR   → SKINWALKER RANCH:DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE:PODCAST - October 27     → Extraordinary: The Revelations: October 28     → TOM:DELONGE CHATS ON SEVERAL TOPICS - 01.12.2023     → C.I.A - Office of Global Access